What Your Rabbit Is Telling You

Words are very important in revealing and portraying someone’s emotions. Words make the world more expressive and meaningful. However, words can sometimes be destructive. Therefore, it is important to be aware and mindful of the words that are blurted out because great consequences may come after. In short, words are powerful in the conduct of everyday life.

There are times that we can’t find the right words to express something, right? When this happens, we make noises hoping that these are enough to portray whatever we are feeling. Thousands of these can be made, but at the end of the day, it can be very effective in delivering a message.

Animals are known to make noises since they are unable to speak. Lions, for example, roar to get the message across, snakes hiss to tell something, and other animals make noises to attract a mate or scare an enemy. There are many of these that can be heard when you go into the wilderness.

If you are thinking of getting a pet, you should be ready for the noises they make. You wouldn’t want to appear rude by dismissing your pet’s attempt to communicate with you. They may be called noise, but these do mean something. Thus, it is important that you know what to expect so that you won’t get agitated when you hear one.

If you want a pet rabbit, then it is helpful that you know the noises they make beforehand. Here are some of these that they tend to make. Hopefully you can understand the message:

1. Tooth Grinding (Soft)

– This means they are contented and delighted.

2. Tooth Grinding (Loud)

– When they make this sound, it signifies discomfort or suffering.

3. Grunt

– It means they are happy, excited and interested.

4. Growl

– This signifies they are agitated or angry. It might also indicate a fear of something.

5. Scream

– This is their way of saying they are in great pain. Upon hearing this, it would be best if you bring them to your vet. There are times that this means panic, too.

6. Snort

– This indicates pleasure while eating or grooming. You should be happy when you hear this because it conveys happiness.

7. Foot thump

– It can mean two things: they either sense danger or they are just expressing frustration or anger.

8. Mating Noises

– This may sound inconceivable. When hearing such, it would mean they are mating.

Generally, rabbits are silent but there are other rabbits that prefer to be more “vocal” in expressing whatever they feel inside. It is great to know the meaning of the noise they make because you will know when they are happy, contented, sad, and sick.

Aside those mentioned above, it is important that you provide your pet rabbits with everything they need from food, shelter, grooming, and other care requirements. If you cannot provide them with what they need, then you should consider giving them back …

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Learn About Hermit Crab Pet

Of the total number of five hundred species of hermit crabs, only a few species have bonded with humans as pets. Though the number has been small, yet the friendship these little hermits have shown has enriched human knowledge about the natural world as a whole. According to their selection of habitats, these creatures have been classified as land hermit crabs and marine hermit crabs. Although members of both the classifications have adopted as pets, yet few species of land crabs have claimed all the limelight of hermit crab pets.

The land crab species like the Ecuadorian crab and the Caribbean crab live in an enclosure of moist sand and with provisions of bathwater and drinking water. These creatures are omnivorous crustaceans, and they really relish a vegetable diet. In fact, a crab pet must be provided with an adequate supply of calcium rich and carotenoid rich vegetables. The presence of antioxidants within the diet is also important. The marine hermit crab pets require an adequate alkaline environment with provisions for rock faces and gravel for them to take rest or burrow themselves during molting. Like land crabs enclosures, sand is an important component for marine crab’s enclosures too.

The saltiness of the marine crabs’ aquarium must be fixed according to the specific need of the species that is staying there. This is because each marine species of the crabs belong to different native oceans and seas, and each sea has its own individual level of alkalinity. Therefore, the alkalinity of the marine species should be able to imitate the alkalinity of the creature’s home waters.

Keeping a pet is a very great responsibility, but the responsibility is always worthwhile after the creature has accepted the owner as a friend. Winning the trust of these creatures is not a difficult task, if the owner is patient and caring enough. A hermit crab pet is an exotic member of the household and the little crustacean behaves like a true hermit when it literally carries the weight of his existence always on its shoulders. This recognition to the creature will automatically let the crab trust you with genuine friendship and an enriching company.

These creatures are of a very delicate physiology and they respond drastically to any symptoms of stress. These creatures actually start shedding their body parts like the claws, the feet and in extreme cases even eyes. However, the amazing nature of these creatures allows them to regenerate a lost organ. However, for that they have to go to molting stage. Thus, frequent moltings by a hermit crab pet, is serious symptoms that the creature is under lot of stress. The owner should be responsible for finding the reason for annoyance and take measures to relieve the creature of stress.

The owner of a crab must have an understanding of the process of molting and should be able to take proper care of the pet. The usual symptoms of molting are the crabs change in attitude and a …

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