The Secret of Introducing Cats to Dogs

Cats and dogs are not what you can call natural friends. A person well acquainted with cat behavior may feel apprehensive while introducing it to his dog, wondering how the latter would react and vice versa. Does that mean that having a dog at home would put paid to your plans of getting a kitten? This is not necessarily true. With proper knowledge and planning, you can certainly have both these animals as your pets.

Before trying to introduce your new cat or even taking her home from the store, you must be sure that your dog accepts you as the leader or alpha male, otherwise you will have a tough time controlling him. The breed of dog may also play a role here. It is generally observed that dogs belonging to mixed breeds require more time to get trained.

Once you bring your kitty home, place her in the room that you have prepared for her. Give her some time to settle down and allow your dog to have a sniff of the cat’s smell on your hand. If he becomes too agitated, put him in a leash, and wait until he calms down before approaching your new kitty’s room. Acquaint your cat with the smell of your dog and place some toys bearing the dog’s scent by its side.

One of the important cat behaviors is that they can get easily stressed. With this in mind, you should train your dog in a way that your cat feels comfortable and safe around it. You should help your dog realize that the cat is neither a food item nor a prey.

You should also take the opportunity to lay down the rules to your dog, relating what is acceptable to the kitty. Behaviors such as jumping on the cat, harassing it in any way, chasing it and barking at her should be discouraged. You can use doggie treats to help him remember and repeat the good behavior.

The first few meetings between your cat and dog should be done under your supervision. Depending on the comfort level of both the animals, you may choose to keep your dog leashed or unleashed.

Signs like your kitty having her food in your dog’s presence, sleeping in the same room and not being terrified when your dog comes close are good enough.

We hope the above information will assure you that you can go ahead and buy a cat even when you already have a pet dog at home.